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notts_skating's Journal

U of N Ice Skating Society
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This is the site for the University of Nottingham Ice Skating Society. We chose to host it here as there are fewer restrictions on posts and because it's free. What? We're students!

We also chose livejournal as it's easier to keep track of than a normal website and because if you have any questions, you can comment to a post and an email alert will be sent to the committee email. That way, we can hopefully get you a quick response.

We're still in set-up at the moment but I will be setting up a 'meet the committee post' with a quick intro to all the committee members along with contact details, should you want to contact a specific member rather than use the central society email. There will also be a questions and suggestions post (comments will be screened). All news will go up here and we'll do our best to keep everything up to date, which shouldn't be too difficult as I practically live on LJ.

Please see the 'about the society link' for society details and contact info. The link is on the main page.

Over and out.

Ali Smith
Secretary and VP